Is Spotify Planning to Introduce Cross-Platform Listening on Desktop?

Spotify is gearing up to introduce group listening sessions on its desktop platform, expanding the feature that is already available on mobile devices. Evidence of this upcoming functionality has been discovered by users on Reddit and Mastodon, indicating that the long-awaited feature may finally be arriving for desktop users.

Group listening sessions on Spotify allow users with a Premium subscription to connect and listen to music together, regardless of the device they are using. This cross-platform feature will enable friends to join sessions from their desktops or mobile devices, providing a seamless music-sharing experience. Furthermore, Spotify intends to incorporate a shared control feature, granting participants the ability to choose and play songs during the session.

Currently, initiating a remote group session is only possible on mobile devices. Users can access this feature by navigating to the 'Devices' icon at the bottom of the screen, selecting 'Start a remote group session,' and inviting friends to join. However, the highly anticipated arrival of this functionality on desktop is eagerly awaited by Spotify users.

While it is true that alternative options, such as using the Spicetify tool, exist to customize Spotify for group listening on desktop, these solutions often involve complex command-line utilities. Therefore, a native and integrated feature from Spotify developers would undoubtedly provide a superior user experience.

Although an exact release date for the desktop group listening sessions feature remains unknown, it is expected to debut first in the United States and Canada before gradually rolling out to other regions.

Music enthusiasts and Spotify users are eagerly anticipating the arrival of group listening sessions on the desktop platform. As the feature expands beyond mobile devices, users can look forward to a seamless and integrated experience that allows them to connect with friends, share control, and enjoy music together. With Spotify's ongoing commitment to enhancing the user experience, the upcoming release of this feature is poised to delight music lovers around the world.