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Shazam's Latest Update Empowers Users to Identify Songs Playing in Third-Party Apps

In a groundbreaking move, Shazam, the renowned music recognition app from Apple, has unveiled an update that revolutionizes the way users discover songs playing on their iPhone or iPad, even within third-party apps like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. With just a simple tap of a button, identifying the song you're listening to has become effortlessly seamless.


Previously, identifying songs from third-party apps required using a separate device to capture the audio playback, such as an iPhone and an iPad or an iPhone and a Mac. However, with the latest update, this cumbersome process becomes a thing of the past. Users can now open Shazam, tap the distinctive blue button, switch back to the app they were using, and instantly uncover the playing song upon returning to Shazam. Leveraging the iPhone's built-in microphone, Shazam efficiently detects and recognizes songs while simultaneously running other apps that emit music through the device's speakers.

Within a matter of seconds, the user gains precise knowledge about the melodies resonating in their ears. To further expedite the identification process, Shazam offers a convenient shortcut directly accessible from the Control Center of iPhones and iPads. By customizing the Control Center in the Settings menu and incorporating the Shazam option, users can effortlessly employ the song recognition system without interrupting the playback or leaving the current app.

music apps

The advantages of Shazam extend beyond song identification alone. Users can seamlessly integrate the identified content into personalized playlists on Apple Music, granting them easy access to enjoy the songs within the Music app or Apple Music Classical. Furthermore, users can save or share the identified songs at their leisure. These features consolidate Shazam's position as a comprehensive music companion and enrich the experience of music enthusiasts worldwide.

The recent update showcases Apple's dedication to enhancing user experience and solidifies Shazam's prominence in the music recognition domain. By eliminating the need for additional devices and streamlining the song identification process, Shazam has truly revolutionized how users discover the music they love, effortlessly bridging the gap between various third-party apps and the invaluable world of music.